We stayed at Ivy Yacht Club in Peoria. The locals said they sometimes have 18 more feet of water in the marina. Floating docks. Left early morning for Tall Timbers Harbor.  Ten miles in we were going through the Peoria  Lock.  Smooth in and out along with 2 other Loopers boats and a catamaran. We saw many barges winding their way through and a paddle boat again.  The Asian carp were jumping in our wakes,I did get a video.  Cousin Larry Kotewa, his two boys Caleb and Erik and his wife Jammie and three Children joined us. For a short ride until dark. Then mosquito attack. We saw a beaver and many great blue berons today. I thank the other loopers especially Mike for helping us with the boat ride and a picture while getting eaten by mosquitos.!20180913_12514220180913_121507resized_20180913_193825

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