We enjoyed the pool,it was  very hot outside. A lot of Loopers in our Marina and did they have stories. We saw a 100 foot  plus boat try to get fuel at the dock but he ended up backing into and smashed a smaller dock.  We found the ice cream store, rang the church bell, and had fun chalk painting in Grafton.  Then we headed out Wednesday September 19 for Alton.  The Marina has 4 feet of water at the mouth, but we made it in. Another boat had to be coaxed out of the mud.  Something is smelling by the dock!  Nope – in our dinghy. It seems a carp jumped aboard and was slowly being eaten by maggots.  Bruce quickly rinsed out the dinghy to the delight of nearby ducks. 20180918_135526img953368120180919_15151820180919_15160120180917_161104

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