Little Diversion Channel

October 1st heading for Little Diversion for an Anchorage.  Worried about fog but had very little haze.  Cool traveling. Needed a light jacket.  Too much debris in the Mississippi  today, Bruce worked hard to miss it. We passed a sailboat who was behind us, because she didn’t stop at Hoppies.  She has to put in more hours than us because she has an outboard that can only go so fast. We went 95.8 Nautical  miles today.  We rafted to Parrot Bay and anchored with 7 boats in the channel. Generator  working so air and hot food. Life is  wonderful.

Peggy ‘s Sailboat
Floating red nun. Out of the channel.
Illinois Prison
Rafting at anchor in Little Diversion Channel
A few other boats anchored with us.

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