Clearwater Florida

November 20th. Sitting in Clearwater enjoying beautiful weather. Very nice beaches. We are eating well and enjoying the scenery.  We walked out to the big pier where they have some street entertainers. Jasmine and family facetimed us. Very nice to see them all. Little Remi is getting so big and Rae so grown up. Jason showed us his turtle shell brace, and Jasmine  had good news that with her new LPN license she also has a new job.  A few big marinas here with a lot of dinner cruise boats and fishing charters. Tomorrow we leave for Sarasota to have Thanksgiving with the Starks who completed the loop and now have a gold burgee. That is the flag you can fly saying you have accomplished the AGLCA loop. (American Great Loop Cruisers Association).

Clearwater Beach
Eating with Patty and Mike
Fun your boat
Our own Pelican
Our white bird with yellow tennis shoes
Friends Karen and Ken on Island Girl


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