Visitors From Minnesota

We were delighted to have Bruce’s sister Karen and her husband Kevin fly in from Minnesota for a few days. Bruces cousin Deb from California joined us on Saturday January 19th. We found some flea markets, Bealls department store, sea shells at the beach and good company. The picture with Bruce being towed was because he accidentally dropped the key. Which should have been on a floating bob. BUT for some reason we didn’t. Oh yeah we beat the boys in euchre.! On Sunday we were invited to Mike and Pattys condo warming party with Looper friends David and Jan Ed and Kyle. Mike and Patty are getting their boat pulled out of the water and the bottom painted so they had to rent a condo, and its right at our marina. We kind of mentioned my birthday also. Later at dinner I was surprised with a Birthday cake. Thankyou for the knife Karen.

Bruce getting towed back to the marina by very nice people

2 thoughts on “Visitors From Minnesota

  1. It must be so much fun to entertain friends and family on your boat! Especially Kevin and Karen! So nice they could be there to help you celebrate your birthday!


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