Continuing the Loop

Getting the boat ready to roll with new vinyl flooring in the helm and mid deck. Thankyou Patty, Mike, Ed, Kyle, Jan and David for the farewell dinner at Rum Bay with loopers on Wednesday. We then enjoyed cocktails at Leverocks with them on Thursday. February 1st started off with sad goodbyes from Patty and Mike, cinnamon rolls from Ed and Kyle and waves from Jan and David. Great friends Patty and Mike have traveled with us since the Joliet wall in Illinois. Here are some statistics compiled by Mike. We have traveled 1,819 miles with them . We met September 5th 2018. We have been 148 days in their company, and departed on February 1st 2019. We will miss eveyone we met at Aquamarina Palm Harbour. Thankyou to Terry, Mitch and Sandy whom all made for a pleasant stay. By 1:00 we were at Sanibel Marina. I got a few more pictures of dolphins on the way. Bruce had to spin around at the fuel dock and wait for a slip assignment. Then spin around again when the electric didnt work to go back to the fuel dock for the night. We managed to slip in a 3 mile walk including time at the light house at the beach and fishing wharf. We found the East End Deli and enjoyed a cuban sandwich and a shrimp po boy.

One thought on “Continuing the Loop

  1. What an adventure you are having! Here at home it has been very cold, so we have been hunkering down keeping warm. The High School is putting on the play, “Sound of Music” in March. They needed old nuns in the convent, so I am now a nun. I remember going with you to church once, which didn’t help me with the Latin we have to sing! Keep posting! I’m having adventures through you!


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