New Smyrna

Just hanging around. Raining on Sat Feb 9th so Bruce didnt get to the race track. We watched the Blue Lagoon. We hadn’t seen that in many years. Sunday Jack and Jerick took us out for lunch. Then we visited their condo on the beach. Rainy again but still got on the beach for a bit. Monday Bruce went racing and I checked out the near by stores on Canal St. And walked Riverside Drive. Some nice some rundown homes there. Cooler, rain but on Tuesday Bruce still. Made it to the track. I brought out Grandma Helen’s quilt to work on replacing the black thread that was falling apart.

Wednesday I dropped Bruce at the track and drove our rental to the beach for a walk. Bruce is sick with a bad sudden cold, almost like the flu on Wed night. I got Brave on Friday and drove the car back to the beach and shopped on Flagler Ave. For some great finds. I checked in with Cherie at home. She had to do some banking for us. I guess there is s lot of snow in Minnesota?!#$%. Chad has been busy plowing it. Saturday the 16th we cruised all afternoon to nearby towns just for fun. We saw a few older cars cruising and a sandhill crane. On the way back we put the top down on the convertible for a while to enjoy the weather. I think I’m catching Bruce’s cold.

New Smyrna Beach
Sandhill Crane
Grandma Helen’s Quilt I’m restitching
Flagler Ave shopping
Looks like this is what you do in retirement
What’s on your mouth Bruce

2 thoughts on “New Smyrna

  1. You are missing an old fashioned winter with lots of snow and cold! Many days we just “hunker down”! Julie Huseth will be coming to our house soon with a quilt that our Molly made in high school, but now needed some repair work. I can’t wait to see Julie’s repairs! You and Bruce are getting an education in boating, marine life, meeting people, geography, etc. Life-long learning! And fun! Keep it up!!


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