Halifax Marina in Daytonna

MARCH 11th. Yes we are at Daytonna and it is bike week. We can hear them driving by the marina late into the night. On some of the bikers handlebars we saw what looked like a whip. I guess the bad boys use it to break people’s windshields if they drive to close to them. We again discovered the bus system here which is great for provisioning. One afternoon we enjoyed a sampling of chocolate at the chocolate store down the street. Very delicious. You could buy sea shells, dolphins, starfish, even fried eggs made from chocolate. Met a couple across from our boat because I wanted to pet their cats. Marsha from that sailboat next door drove her and I to the beach for a couple hours of walking. Bruce got on the bus to go gambling but found himself at Volusia mall buying hats with our boat name “Baytripper” on them and he also put Captain Bruce and First mate Bev on the back of them. Bruce put the key start back together on the dinghy, and changed oil and filters on the generator. He also figured out how to hook up the switch to start the generator from inside the salon. I like it when he’s bored.

Ponce Inlet lighthouse on our way to Daytonna
Beautiful large marina
Indian three wheeler
Waiting for the bus
Sailboat Kitty
Love the big wheel in the front
Bikers by one of the bars at the beach
Cute surplus marine store

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