Lightkeepers Marina-Deep Point Marina

On the boat by ourselves again. April 17th we got into Lightkeepers Marina. We saw Sea Trolly docked in the Mariba adjacent to us and they invited us for desert. The yacht club there was closed for a private party, but we found Clarks Restaurant and had a molten brownie with ice cream, yum! Now we have to go for a walk. Tx AU was there but we didnt see them. Caught some sun by the pool and did some laundry. TV, talked with Daughter Cherie. Did some texting with son Chad. Friday it rained. More planning for upcoming marinas. Saturday we ubered into a walmart and back. HAPPY EASTER!. We colored eggs and walked and chatted with this couple on the boat next to us. Their names were Bob and Diane. I had made Easter Ham, sweet potato fries and asparagus for Dinner. Then Key lime pie for dessert. And i beat Bruce in a game of cribbage. Monday April 22nd we cruised to Deep Point marina by Southport , NC. The marina was busy with Ferries going to Bald Head Island and to Fort Fisher. We took a $1.00 psdestrian cruise to Fisher to the North Carolina Aquarium. It was only a 1 mile walk to the aquarium from the port. Not bad. The aquarium was great. We also fed the larikeets with nectar. We saw a semi being unloaded from a barge at our marina as we were walking back from the ferry.

Guess who saw the Easter Bunny
My tomato and pepper plants
Easter Eggs for breakfast
Chad putting our dock in at home
This boat is nice
This boat is not nice
Ferry boat unloading cars
Bald Eagle
Bev and fish tank
Smaller shark
Sea Horse
Help me
Blue Dart frog
Jelly fish
Alligator and albino gator
A larakeet on my head

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