Anchorages and some Stats

We have anchored May 7th at Belhaven NC and May 8th at Little Alligator River NC. Justified and Lark anchored out so we did also. The waves were quite rocky the first night. We dinghied in to Belhaven to see a music jam. It was an older set of people mostly country western and gospel music. I give them applause for having a good time and still enjoying their talents. We met a couple barges on our journey through the channel to Alligator River anchorage. We saw a momma and baby dear, and I kept a lookout for bears but saw none. We passed the Pamlico River, Pungo River, and some wide areas where it looked like we were in the ocean. I’m including some stats from July 13th 2018 through April 13th 2019. We anchored at Little alligator river and enjoyed docktails with Lark and Justified.

Miles from Washburn WI: 3712 Miles from Detour MI: 2905.6 Locks: 22. Anchorages: 12. Free Docks: 7. Marinas: 52. Days we Traveled: 72. Fuel: 1807.8 gallons. Fuel cost: $5889.18.

Meeting a barge
The bugs are large
This kudzu looked like animals
Going through a swing bridge
Music jam in Belhaven
Bev waiting to put out the anchor in Little Alligator River
Bruce,Sue,Bruce,Deb,and Walt at our boat
Justified and Lark at anchor
Sunset at Little Alligator river

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