July 29th we cruised from Campbellford to Hastings Ontario. We managed to go through 6 locks on the Trent Severn. Saw some loons, cool homes along the way through the canal and through some more open areas. We rafted to “Out of the Loop”, then they would raft to us and so on in the locks. I’m afraid I lost my temper with Bruce in one of the locks. A four letter word may or may not have been muttered. All is well. He said he got excited because the wind was blowing us close to another boat. Another boat (Grand Cru) was in the locks as well. Locks 16 and 17 were twin locks. Which means you drive right into the second one after you reach the right height. Total of 76 feet. At Hastings we moored to the walls above the lock. Nice area. Hot because our air conditioning is not working. Difficult to sleep at night even though we have a fan running. Bruce and I checked out the Hdw. Store , the Beer Store, the Liquor store ( LCBD ) liquor control board of Ontario. We stopped at the bank but they wouldn’t exchange American $ unless you were a patron. Raining the next day so we stayed put. We walked across the canal and tried their huge Kawartha icecream cones. Then we had to walk around a bit to digest them. We saw Pisces Pete, a cute fish statue along the canal banks.

What a car
Cute aqua chairs
Looks like a lot of water, but stay in the channels
A great marker in the Trent
The signs always say The Beer Store
Bruce’s emotional support bucket with a hat
Hastings wall
Sebastian and his mom Angela on Pura Vida lll
Bev and Pisces Pete
Beautiful Twin Homes
Hastings Dam
For kids only
Never have seen this one before
Kids jumping off an old railroad bridge

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