Queen’s Cove Marina – Brown’s Bay Anchorage

Georgian Bay is beautiful! August 7th we had a foggy start as we left the Trent Severn, but it cleared nicely. RADAR is wonderful to have when driving in the fog. We stayed at Queens Cove Marina to provision and because the weather was suppose to be rainy and windy for a couple days. It gave Bruce time to work on the dinghy motor. We asked for the mechanic to stop by if he could. Bruce did get it running after cleaning the carburetor 3 times. Robin McKeown sat down with Golden and Baytripper, and helped plan a route for us to take and places to see in Georgian Bay. So helpful. Thank you Robin. I thought about buying paper maps but you needed 4+ maps and it was very confusing as we are used to our electronic chart plotter. I dropped my nice camping chair in the water and it was way to deep to reach it with our boat pole. Raining so I scrubbed on our electric cables and Bruce puttered more with the dinghy. August 10th we left on our expedition to Browns Bay Anchorage. We went Northwest of the popular Beausoleil Canadian National Park. It is Saturday and Robin thought it may be too busy there. We attempted to anchor at Brown’s Bay but the anchor dragged. Southern Cross (David,Penny) hailed us and said come in the next bay and try it there. We successfully anchored with 22 other boats, big and small. A Maple Leaf Yacht Club had decided to rendezvous and picked this Anchorage because it was too rough of seas where they were supposed to go. Luckily for us that meant an invitation to their barbecue. You can’t turn down free food. Bruce tried out the dinghy, I refused to go with. Sure enough I think he made it six feet before it killed and I had to throw him a rope. David from Golden gave us a ride to a small island where the group was gathering. The boat swayed a bit during the night but our anchor held perfectly.

I Flitz cleaned the fender holders. B4 and after shot
Finally got it to run
A cross on an Island property
Safe IF built on a rock
They live here just in the summer
Some of the boats in our Anchorage
The house took up the whole Island
Sunset in our Anchorage
People gathering for the barbecue
Baytripper at anchor

One thought on “Queen’s Cove Marina – Brown’s Bay Anchorage

  1. So exciting to travel with you! Kevin wrote about you, Bruce and your voyage in the Kenyon Leader. You see so much beauty!


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