Henry’s in San Souci – Parry Sound – Hopewell Anchorage

August 11th we cruised through very treacherous waters. Many markers that were confusing. If you don’t follow exactly you find very large rocks and underground shelves of rock. Our chartplotter does a great job of auto routing our route. We only used our eyes to sight a precarious area once where we didn’t follow it exactly. Still scarey when you are so close to the rocks with the boat. Some rough water today when out in the open areas. We ate at Henry’s which is a restaurant and marina. Built in 1992 and is a boat in or fly in only restaurant in Georgian Bay. August 12th we were off to Big Sound Marina in Parry Sound . More winding channels with Expensive homes built on the rock islands. Some well over 2 million dollars. Bruce took a skinny channel by Rose Island but the water level is high and we had no problem. Many little sailboats in that sound. We enjoyed docktails with 10 other looper boats. And then went out to dinner with Southern Cross and About time. I tried a vegan pulled pork sandwich which substituted the pork with Jack fruit. Very tasty. On August 13th we traveled to Hopewell Bay and anchored for the night. On the way we passed Snug Harbor and into Shebeshekong Channel. Great name eh! Looper boats Southern Cross (David, Penny) and About Time (Jamie, Trish) also were anchoring there. Well of course we got a dinghy ride from About Time and an invitation to spaghetti dinner from Southern Cross. A local boater had told us to listen for whippoorwill calls at dusk and a reminder not to run your generator at night. Every one is so nice in the boating world.

Another home on a rock island near San Souci
Mc. castle
Many Sea Planes
Many red and white markers look like lighthouses
Henry’s st San Souci
Broken props on display at Henry’s
Fish and chips at Henry’s
Saw many planes bringing customers for dinner
We drove so close to all these rocks everywhere
Another home
We had to stay between the green and red markers
Another narrow channel. Then rocks after you pass through it.
Red buoy like some of the ones in the water
Big Sound Marina
Light house
Dinghying with Trish and Jamie from About Time
Spaghetti Dinner on Southern Cross, Penny and David
Bev and Bruce getting a dinghy ride

One thought on “Henry’s in San Souci – Parry Sound – Hopewell Anchorage

  1. I am just catching up on your blogs! We have been so busy. Thursday we had 25 Sons of Norway members here for supper. Kevin’s brother and sister stayed with us for a few days, and before that his cousin and significant other came over. We love to have company, I just didn’t have time to check my computer! Did you know Davis Strandemo and John Davidson passed away? I loved this blog! Stay safe!!


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