Thompson Marina – Wrights Marina – Bustard Islands

On August 14th we were on a mission to fix our dinghy once and for all. Thompson’s marina had a mechanic who worked on Tohatsu motors. We had to go into a little bay past Au Barill Light house to get there. There was whiskey barrel on the rocks there. I guess years ago they put a light on top of the barrel to mark the channel. Neat historical data. By 3 pm we had groceries and a working dinghy. The mechanic was able to clean out the carburetor and the idle jet. We had bought fresh gas for it and Bruce is a Happy Man. With time to spare we arrived at Wrights Marina for the night. Bruce and I played ping pong, pool, and an indoor shuffleboard game in their lounge. We get a free pump out tomorrow ! An AGLCA benefit from that marina. The next morning we borrowed their courtesy car and bought more diet coke and water. On August 15th we enjoyed running out in open water on Georgian Bay. Not as demanding , a bit cooler, but nothing slippers and a sweatshirt won’t cure. When we arrived at The Bustard Islands we ducked into a beautiful bay area. Little inlets leading everywhere. We couldn’t wait to anchor and run around with the dinghy. Two looper boats came in the bay and Pura Vida lll (Chris ,Angela) and Carolina Dream (Archie, Charlene) rafted on either side of us. All at anchor. We explored a bit with the dinghy . I saw a snake swimming and thought it was an Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake, but we decided it was an Eastern Hognose so not venomous. WHEW. The sailboat said he had seen a black bear chewing on a log before we got there but some jet skiers scared it away. I would have liked to get a picture of that. I did get a beautiful sunset picture.

An interesting marker or light
Au Baril Light House
Look on top of the rock for the Whiskey barrel
Big rocks everywhere
The best mechanic ever at Thomson’s Marina
An interesting home
Open water is so safe
Baytripper and Pura Vida anchored
My Snake
Looks like Minnesota Eh
Bruce in seventh heaven
A home at the Bustard Island Anchorage
Angela and Chris on Pura Vida
Bustard Island Sunset

One thought on “Thompson Marina – Wrights Marina – Bustard Islands

  1. Loved the sunset picture! Glad you had your dinghy fixed. You have seen so many beautiful places. But if I would have seen that big snake, I would have freaked out!


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