Killarney – Covered Portage Cove – Baie Fine and the Pool.

We undrafted from Pura Vida and Carolina Dream and on August 16 cruised to Killarney in the North Channel. We traveled the Collins Inlet which was a very pretty scenic route. We had hoped to see a lot of wildlife but only saw a beaver lodge and birds. The granite rocks are looking pinker here. We did see a boat stuck on the rocks, but he already had help coming .Bruce and I played pool at the Mountain Lodge area and tasted the fish and chips and ice cream there. At dusk we heard a boat (Nauti Boy) going by with a very good trumpet player aboard. August 17th, we decided rain and all that we would head for Baie Fine and the pool. Bruce cruised into Covered Portage Cove so I could take a picture of the Indian Head rock formation. The chart plotter has us leaving Georgian Bay and heading into The North Channel. Depth of water 157 feet. We are cruising now in a 10 mile channel fjord 60 feet deep with rocky sides. The forests of pine covered most of the rocks with some fog whisping out between the gorges. Very beautiful. We anchored in the “pool” at the end. We settled in and dinghied off to the start of the walking trail to Lake Topaz. Tied off at a half submerged dock and up we went. Very rocky in places. We saw these young men portraging canoes so we followed them up more trail on the rocks and down. We got to the lake. WRONG lake.!&$? They said we should have turned off where they had set their canoes down. Soooo. Back up we went. For another hour we trudged around, sweaty and tired. We did get to the lake and made it back to the boat. ADVIL TIME. Aug 18th About time and a few other loopers had come in and anchored. Bruce and I, Trish and Jamie dinghied back to the trail and walked the correct path to Topaz Lake. Jamie and Bruce and Trish dive in. I kinda slid in cause Bruce and I hadn’t brought bathing suits. Trish and Jamie are now on shore and they say “Don’t look behind you . You might want to get out”. There was a snake swimming towards us. Enough of that. August 19th Jamie and Trish stopped by the boat so we offered them some cranberry orange muffins, wine and a game of farkle. Bruce beat us all.

Rocky and forest through Collins Inlet
Beaver lodge
Cute little cabin
More rocks
Pink granite and light house
Hey we are both smiling
HArd to see, but some of the dock is under water.
This is how the docktale in Killarney
Pool at Killarney Mountain Lodge
Indian Head Rock in Portage Cove
Killarney Park
Hiking at Lake Topaz
Beautiful steep trails. I could use your new knee Kevin
Bruce and I at Lake Topaz
Jamie and Trish (About Time)
Our swimming companion. I think an eastern watersnake.

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