Little Current – Kagawong – Meldrum Bay Anchorage

August 20th we pulled a very weedy anchor up. It looked like it had a wig on. It took Bruce quite a bit of pulling weeds off with the boat hook to clean it then a bit of mud scraping. Where was the guy with the knife that had helped the other boaters clean their anchors? We’ve not had any cell service for 4 days and we felt cut off from the world. Bruce had perfect timing to get through the swing bridge at Little Current. There is a channel marker in the shape of a little red boat that swings its bow to show which way the current is going. Little Current is also where Roy broadcasts his boaters morning hour. Boaters call in their names and location on channel 71. He also gives some news and weather. Docktails were at the shelter there for loopers at 5:00. Subject to Change (Tim, Sue). Hallelujah (Dave,Barb). LT Looper(Dave). Velsignet (Mike,Brenda). About Time(Jamie,Trish). Baytripper (Bruce, Bev). All attended. Two other looper boats were leaving and couldn’t attend. On August 21st we attended Roy’s broadcast then left out for Kagawong on Manitoulin Island. A bit chilly now 63 degrees. The water is a bit choppy but we cruised at 10mph and it wasn’t bad. Bruce and I headed out for the Market that was going on in search of food. Not much there so we thought we would hike the trail to Bridal Veil Falls. On the way we stopped in the Anglican Church and took pictures of the Boat Bow Pulpit. It is a memorial for the family that lost their lives when their boat capsized. Bridal Veil Falls was spectacular. I waded a bit into the water. Many people there were enjoying swimming under and behind the falls. Then we shopped a bit at a nearby tourist shop and asked if there was a restaurant close by. The nice gentleman said yes about 15 minutes or so up the hill in an old church building. The walk was good exercise and the food was worth the walk. Downhill all the way back. Plus we got to view the falls again, some sculptures, scenic path and more snakes. Our Anchorage at Meldrum Bay kept us out of the wind some for the night. We swung side to side and felt a bit rocky and by morning we were a bit closer to the rocky shore than we would have liked. But were were safe enough to cook breakfast before taking off.

The anchor full of weeds
Map of the North Channel
Loopers heading through the swing bridge by Little Current
My great grandchildren call me GG
Little red boat current marker
Docktales at Little Current
Roy in the blue shirt at his broadcast
Bruce’s return to childhood. The fountain of youth worked
Boat bow pulpit at Anglecan Church in Kagawong
Not your usual church window
Trail to Bridal Falls in Kagawong
People behind Bridal Veil Falls
Bev Enjoying the falls
Smaller falls to the right
Main street cafe
We found some wildlife sculpture
Eastern watersnakes
Great sculpture on this trail
Bruce getting some culture
Scenery along the trail
Meldrum Bay anchorage

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