August 23rd, we traveled now toward the US , we have to report to customs through a ROAM app. The customs officer can board your boat and check you if they want. Our officer Vogele just asked a few questions looked at our passports and our face through a video chat and said Welcome to the states. We have been out 1 year 1 month and 10 days. We have traveled 5969 miles so far. We officially crossed our wake at DeTour. That is our completed circle of the Eastern US, and Canada. We actually started in Washburn Wisconsin where our boat is at Washburn Marina. So now we have 300 plus miles to go to get back to Washburn. I will post our stats of the whole loop from Washburn to Washburn when we are home. Most loopers don’t have quite so many extra miles. Some loopers have done extra little trips like the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, the Northeastern Triangle etc. It’s sure been a wild ride. Bruce isn’t afraid of anything and I’m afraid of most everything. When we got to DeTour, Bruce went around the marina inviting loopers and some neighboring boats to Baytripper’s Crossing of their wake party. Off to the grocery store/ liquor store for goodies and Champagne. We celebrated and toasted to the saying, ” There are good ships and wood ships. Ships that sail the sea. But the best ships are Friendships. May they always be.” Yolo (Jeff,Gail). Adventure Us (Garnet,Diane). At Last (Pat, Janet). Celebrated with us. I posted Baytripper’s Crossing of their Wake on Facebook. Thankyou everyone for giving us the Best year ever. We learned so much about friendships and boating of course. Boaters are the best. We traveled on August 24th to Sault Ste Marie about 44 miles. This is where the large Soo Locks are. Very interesting to see those big freighters drive right by you and seeing them go up and down in the lock. Quite a feat of the Us Army Core of Engineering .

Lake Huron is so aqua blue
Large freighter
They push a lot of water
This is our wake
Bruce and Bev holding their Gold Flag
Bruce taking off the white flag and replacing it with gold
Loopers that joined in our Celebration
I can’t get over how aqua the water is
A bit of champagne
Bruce found Bigfoot
Cherie look what I found
I found the Yooper Store
They were just starting to paint this fish when we came through Sault Ste Marie last year.
Bar stool picnic table


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