Sault Ste Marie – Grand Marais Michigan

Bruce and I were playing it safe and stayed in Sault Ste Marie for one whole week. Lake Superior was having some 7 to 10 with an occasional 15 ft waves. So we went to see the ship wreck museum at White fish point. We rented a car and invited Yolo ( Jeff and Gayle Dunham) to go with. I even got his autograph. LoL. We made a side trip and visited the white fish Harbor that we stayed at on the beginning of our trip. The waves were crashing over the sea wall and onto the few boats that were there. The museum showcased the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald. There were original buildings from the lighthouse crews that lived there and a boat house and supply building. They are all original and immaculate . Bruce found us a casino and dinner on the way back home. It was very interesting watching the many large freighters going through the soo locks everyday. Saturday August 31st we ventured out past White fish Point and on to Grand Marais Michigan. Lake Superior was beautiful . No big waves just swells of water and it was sunny and warm. We cruised 92 miles without any problems. The sandy dunes alongside the shore are very pretty

Old wooden rudder
Buildings on the museum ground
Waves coming over sea wall at White Fish Harbor
Just an old boat
Small cruise ship at George Kemp marina
Large freighter
Another ship
Museum ship at George Kemp Marina
These are big props
Lur 107th and last lock of our trip
Ship on the Canadian side of the soo locks
White fish Point marina
White Fish Point Lighthouse from Lake Superior View
Michigan Dunes

One thought on “Sault Ste Marie – Grand Marais Michigan

  1. A few years back Larry and I stopped by the White Fish marina and then went out to the lighthouse. We were able to go up the lighthouse. Also saw the dunes from the top. To chicken to walk down d/t having to get back up them.


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