Marquette – Houghton – Ontonagon MI

September 1st we made it to Marquette Michigan. We stayed at Cinder Pond Marina which is right by downtown. Very nice restaurants there. We tried to leave the next day but the waves were 4-6 feet with swells and we just couldn’t fight them. After 1 1/2 hours we turned back. My galley was a mess spices and everything on the counter was on the floor. I’m glad we managed to lay the TV flat and put other things away. Going with the waves made our trip back to Cinder Pond only a 1 hour trip. Glad to be back. We did get to hear part of their blues festival and we enjoyed shopping downtown. Thursday Sept 5th we traveled 80 miles to Houghton. Again we were close to town and we stayed at the free city wall. Houghton is a town on the portage channel cutting through the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan. We bought a space heater in case it got cold since our heat pumps aren’t working. So far its chilly but nothing blankets can’t fix. Saw a few more freighters out on the water. It rained but we left before 11:00 so we could get to Ontanogon before too late. The waves were 2 footers so Bruce had to do a bunch of steering to keep us on line. Marina help had gone home, but we got tied up to the dock fine. Not much to do here. I found an apple tree and made some apple crisp. Yummy.

Good food
They had a place for your dog while you ate
Interesting bicycle
Blues festival
Part of a ship in the park at Marquette
This is what waves can do to the inside of your boat
Cute stores
Thinking of my grand niece
Finally saw a moose
Brings back memories in Kenyon
Very large gulls
An actual sunrise
Couldn’t resist a good looking car
Lighthouse in MI
It looked like a castle
An artist had Captured this old ore dock by the marina in Marquette beautifully
Another artist’s picture of Rock formations along Lake Superior
Couldn’t resist another Moose.
Tour boat leaving Houghton for Isle Royale
Lighthouse by Huron Island
An old boat by Ontagonon Marina

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