Black River – Washburn Wisconsin

We left Ontonagen Sept 7th. The waves were tough. They were supposed to be only 2 footers. We experienced 4 – 6 footers and quite a swell with those. Our salon was trashed again stuff everywhere, even our storage room was messed up. By the time Lake Superior calmed some , we were 3/4 of the way to Black River. The marina was actually closed but we tied to the long dock and relied on our generator for electricity. A nice gentleman walked by with his dog so we started chatting with him. In a half hour we were at his house drinking a cocktail and telling stories. He then drove us to one of the 7 water falls here. There are so many beautiful people in this world. We have a good view of the Porcupine Mountains here. Sunday we got up early and are back in the central time zone. Yes our last voyage and we are at our home marina in Washburn Wisconsin. I’m going to list our stats for the trip.

6459 miles. 422 days. 787 boat hours. 138 travel days. 107 locks. 26 anchorages. 1 mooring ball. 23 Free walls. $11,482.81 in diesel fuel. 3,332.08 gallons of fuel. We averaged 1.94 miles per gallon. 89 different marinas. 18 states. 2 Countries. Cost of whole trip ??? Priceless. Now the boat is up for sale for the next set of loopers to enjoy. We are homebound and ready for our next adventures.

Old boat at Ontanogen
Black River Marina
Potawatoma Falls
Narrow Gorge by the falls
Lighthouse by Chequamegon Bay
Back at Washburn
Captain Bruce my champion
So glad to be back and on the ground

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