Harry Potter was our next quest at Universal Studios in Orlando. We found Jade,Ryan and Gracelyn at Sheritan Villas. We accompanied them to Senor Froggs for a great meal of carnitas. Since they gave us a roof over our heads we all took off for Hogwarts then Hogsmeade and Diagan Alley at Universal studios on Tuesday Jan. 8th. Wand in hand, Gracelyn moved objects in the windows and turned faucets on. We even heard moanings Myrtle, the ghost in the girls bathroom.

Gracey and her wand
The night bus driver and Jade
Hogwarts Express
The Great Hall
Fun with the Grinch

One thought on “Orlando

  1. I wish we were there with you on these fun adventures! I read all the Harry Potter books, so I would love to visit that place! Keep sending blogs!


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