Orillia – Swift Rapids – Last of the Trent Severn Waterway

August 6th we left Orillia marina in Canada, crossed lake Coochiching and followed the Trent Severn channel through 2 locks. We stayed overnight above Swift Rapids lock. It was so quiet that Bruce and I had to make a small campfire to keep busy. We tied to the wall behind Golden (Bonnie,David) , a catamaran , that we had met in Cambellford. August 7th, we enjoyed the coolest lock # 44 on the Trent. It is called the Big Chute. It is actually a railroad chute that is on railroad tracks, and you drive your boat into it as slings come under your boat. They tighten the slings and you are partially suspended as you are pulled on the track up and over the highway and back into the water on the other side. It was a bit bumpy but what a thrill. Nothing like that on Cedar Lake. Lock 45 was our last lock on the Trent. Whew ! Glad that is done, but nothing better than doing it.

Beaver dam
I guess they get mad if you do it 2 times.
Bridge opening
Our tiny campfire at Swift Rapids Lock
Little Chute no longer in service
Picture of boats loaded in Big Chute
Boats with us in the Big Chute
Operator of the chute
Boat getting loaded in the Chute
Dark Gray very popular home color
We entered Georgian Bay
Rapids on the side by the Big chute Lock

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